I’m Jo, a qualified life coach specialising in healthy lifestyle changes and weight related issues. With more than 20 years’ experience of supporting people to their goals.

I’ve had my share of life’s challenges, a divorce, family illness, loss of people close to me and I took the leap in 2006 to set up my own business.

I can help clients from all walks of life to put practical solutions in place which improve their wellbeing and everyday life.

I believe every one has the potential to be great and has the key to unlock this potential within themselves.  Through coaching, I enable my clients to discover the wonder and magic of taking charge of their lives.

My aim is to support clients of all ages to:

  • make the life changes they desire
  • manage the stress of modern day living
  • use the time they have each day to achieve a happy and healthy life

I keep healthy by doing plenty of exercise both at the gym and out in the fresh air.  I keep chickens and also love to grow my own produce and cook for my family and friends.  Spending time in my garden or taking long walks with my partner and my dog are great ways I've found to unwind and manage my busy life.

My qualifications:

  • Performance Coaching – Newcastle University
  • Life Coaching Diploma – Newcastle University
  • Weight Loss & Weight Management - EDEXL
  • Understanding Your Eating Practioner - Professor Julia Buckroyd
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"Jo is unfailingly professional, works with commitment, passion and integrity and always manages to get to the heart of any obstacles to success in a supportive and positive manner"

Wendy Reed